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Pre-School Program

We believe that children are influenced by what they see and hear from adults and that dispositions of those who surround them shape their outlook on life.  Our staff is aware of the important influence they have on children and are committed to making every day a positive experience.  Our aim is to help a child learn by example and to serve as models of kindness and consideration.  We are committed to helping children navigate their way through learning to share, to take turns, to negotiate and to cooperate during these formative years.  We believe that children learn these skills best when they are actively involved with hands-on experiences whether in the housekeeping center, building with blocks, working with manipulatives, playing instruments, or just listening to music.  Our children engage in active learning through play.  Circle time, teacher directed activities, and story time are the cornerstone of our day.  Circle time topics will change daily, weekly and monthly.  The teachers select, discuss and read several books every morning and every afternoon.  Children learn many valuable lessons from books but, most of all, children just love story time.