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Pre-K Program

In order to easily transition children into reading, we teach sight words.  These are words that the child will need to recognize because they cannot be sounded out phonetically.  We use flash card games and labeling to help the children remember these words. The children will also learn word families. (i.e. ___am, ___at, ____an, etc…)

Until now the children have basically learned everything in 3-D. They touch, hold, smell, and feel.  In our  kindergarten prep program, children start to get acclimated to the idea that language can be represented through symbols and letters.  Through journaling the children have the opportunity to see their thoughts put on paper.

Our handwriting program emphasizes proper letter formation using the Continuous Stroke method of handwriting.

It is not surprising that all of our four year old graduates enjoy a successful kindergarten year in public and private schools.