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Our children are introduced to the theories of sets, one to one correspondence, counting and the assignment of value through the use of manipulatives.  This early mathematical experience lays the framework for an understanding of categorizing, patterning and the development of other critical thinking skills that will be helpful throughout their lives.


Creativity is expressed through art. The Children’s Centre offers an environment where children are free to explore and manipulate a variety of materials that encourage creativity. There is no “judgment” of the value of any project a child produces.


Music is an integral part of our program.  Activities in music give children an opportunity to listen, sing, play instruments, experience rhythm through movement, and creatively express themselves.  A wide variety of academic, physical and social skills are also taught through music.


In order to promote interest and appreciation of the environment, our children are introduced to experimentation, which is age appropriate. We celebrate discovery in many varied ways, including reading, exploring the outdoors and following recipes. Over the course of the year, our staff will create a bedrock for scientific study through discussing how animals prepare for winter, examining how water turns to ice, monitoring insects on the playground, picking pretty leaves in the fall and watching a cake rise in the oven. We also talk about the changing of the seasons and how weather affects us. Our staff will engage the children in the causes and effects of these events on the natural world, thereby fostering a sense of wonder in the amazing ways science influences us all.


Our staff will always treat both parent and child with respect. We expect cooperative and respectful behavior. Our expectations are based on sound knowledge of child development. Rules are clearly stated and fit the developmental level of each child.


Our staff is composed of college graduates and state certified early childhood professionals. All teachers participate in continuing education and are well trained in the latest developments in child care. We take pride in our enthusiastic, experienced and loving staff. We are fortunate to have a very loyal group of teachers, many of whom have been with us for more than ten years. It is through this fantastic staff that The Children’s Centre is truly able to provide a comfortable family atmosphere.